About Suruchi Sangha

SURUCHI SANGHA, a sports & cultural club of New Alipore, Kolkata-700 053, having its own playground and all the other facility. The organization was established in the year 1952. "Suruchi Sangha" has been organizing Durga Puja/Sarodotsav during the last 55 years and especially from 2001 in a befitting and gorgeous manner at the 2nd 5 points crossing of Kolkata which is well known for its aristocracy where a large number of cosmopolitan people reside in complete peace and harmony irrespective of their faith & belief toward God Durga from ancient time onwards.

"DURGA PUJA/SARODOTSAB" festival of KOLKATA is very famous.

Thousands & Thousands of spectators from all over India and abroad enjoy this grand festival being attracted by its unique arts, culture, decoration, pandals, image etc.

Now-a-days this grand festival is held especially in Kolkata on mostly competition basis on the PATRONAGE & SPONSORSHIP OF MULTINATIONALS with the motto to attract MORE & MORE PEOPLE.

Meet Our Team

Sri Hardev singh

Working President

Sri Kingshuk maitra

Working President

Dr. D.J. Bhowmik

Working President
Planning & Programme

Sri Gautam Sarkar

Working President
Public Relation

Social Activities

"Suruchi Sangha provides financial support to four needy children who were working in tea stalls,so that they could go back to their studies.."
Location Kolkata

"There are many elderly couple in the locality whose children stay abroad. When contacted, the members of Suruchi Sangha help such couples by way of hospitalization in case of emergencies, buying medicines for them and other such help in domestic matters..."
Location: West Bengal

"Suruchi Sangha provided financial support to the organization called Sanglap which looks after the welfare of the children of sex workers..."
Location West Bengal

"Rs.30,000/- donated for the construction of Rishi Aurobindo Primary School of Majerhat Colony..."
Location New Alipore