Durga Puja


This year marks the 69th year of Suruchi Sangh Puja. Every time there is novelty in the theme of Suruchi Sangh. Our theme this year was 'The Earth Will Be Peaceful Again'.

The big puja mandaps are busy. The mandap is being decorated with a novel theme. One of the biggest pujas in Kolkata, Suruchi Sanghe also has the same picture. Minister Arup Biswas's puja always arouses people's curiosity. Durga Puja means Chetla Agrani, just like Sreebhoomi Puja mandaps, seeing the Tagore of Suruchi Sangh in New Alipore is a must. During Puja days, the crowd here is eye-catching.


Durga Puja


SuruchiSangha is well-regarded for its mesmerizing charm reflected through its pandal themed after different states of India. Each year they represent Durga as a native of different states of India. The architectural body stature of Goddesses has something to drool at.

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