2022 Durga Puja

This year marks the 69th year of Suruchi Sangh Puja. Every time there is novelty in the theme of Suruchi Sangh. Do you know their theme? Their theme this year is The World Will Be Peaceful Again. Created by artist Rintu Das. Basically, it is known that their theme is about the coronavirus. The light of hope that one day the world will be freed from the deadly virus, the world will be calm, will be shown in their theme this year.

Suruchi is known as the worship of Minister Arup Biswas. Every year their mandap is decorated with some fancy theme. Their theme for last year's puja was 'Abdar'. Mother Durga was prayed for so that the children could leave the house as soon as possible to overcome the fear of corona.


Durga Puja

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